Linguistics Minor

Language is one of the most fundamental human instincts. It is an extraordinarily intricate system which all of us master as young children without special teaching, and which gives us the abilities to communicate, tell stories, and express our deepest feelings.

Linguistics is the scientific study of this human language ability. It is concerned with describing languages and with understanding our knowledge of language as speakers and how we come to have that knowledge. It is connected to many other fields of study, including psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, philosophy, and literature.

A Linguistics Minor at UCI

Linguistics at UCI focuses on the theoretical and formal approaches to the nature of language. Courses offered include both core introductory classes and a series of more advanced courses in linguistic theory, as well as various courses in such topics as language studies, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, and psycholinguistics. Most of the lower-division courses satisfy general education (breadth) requirements, and sociolinguistics satisfies the upper-division writing requirement. Although no major is currently being offered, sufficient courses are available for students to easily meet the requirements for a minor in Linguistics.

Students can meet the requirements for the minor by taking a total of seven linguistics courses (28 units) as specified below.

   1. Linguistics 3, 10, and 20.

   2. Four additional linguistics courses, three of which must be upper-division.

   3. Residence Requirement: At least three upper-division courses required for the
       minor must be completed successfully at UCI.

Those minoring in linguistics are strongly encourage to take as many foreign language classes as possible and to take advantage of university programs such as the Education Abroad Program through the Center for International Education.

Consult the Social Sciences Undergraduate Affairs Office about coursework to fit your specific academic needs and professional goals.

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